A day at the farm house

It was a really lazy weekend, and we had absolutely nothing to do. So mom and I decided to visit Kiran’s (my cousin) farm house near Bagalur. We left quite late, by around 09:30 am, and were on Hosur road in no time (it was a sunday). After crossing Attibele, we entered Tamil Nadu. We took the road to the left at Zuzuvadi which leads to Bagalur. A few kilometres from there and we were there at the farm by 11:00. Its a small farm, less than 2 acres, but we were totally carried away by the peace and tranquility of that place. My cousin has built an amazing farmhouse in the western style, complete with wooden floors and wall paneling. I recollected watching those amazing holiday homes on Discovery Travel & Living!

the farmhouse the farmhouse

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Nandi Hills

Its been a long time since I updated my blog … been kinda busy at work and the workout 🙂

This trip was special for all of us, because we were to be accompanied by Akka, Anand and best of all, cute little Giri! We left home by around 07:00 and picked up akka and family at Malleswaram. We got breakfast packed from Ganesh Darshan (17th Cross, Margosa Rd), and took Bellary Road via Mekhri circle. Around 5 Km before Devanahalli, we spotted a deserted petrol bunk and decided to stop there to have breakfast. The weather was excellent with a cool breeze blowing across the plains. We enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast of idlis, vadas, and khara bath!

After Devanahalli, there is a road to the left that leads to Nandi hills. This should not be confused with the road to Doddaballapur (NH-207), which is a little before the road to Nandi hills.

The road to Nandi:

The road to Nandi

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TG HaLLi and MAgaDi

Fast asleep I was. "Wake up son!" … in my sleep I woke up and rubbed my eyes and … lo! there stood the Goddess of Travel! "Thou art not expected to waste weekends like this … wake up … lest I bestow upon thou my curse of …" I woke up in a snap before she could continue … ending my mid-day siesta! 😀 Then a retrospection unwound … another sunday is almost gone? … no way! Naheeeeeeeeen … yeh nahin ho sakta!

We got ready and set off … where to? lets see … Doddaballapur road, Bellary road, Mysore road, Tumkur road … all are pretty much seen, lets go towards Magadi road! I remembered reading some reports about TippagondanahaLLi, which had aroused some interest. We took the route through Malleswaram, West of Chord road, Toll gate, and hit Magadi road. A sunday afternoon paved the way through a relatively sleepy road through the city. Within no time we were in the country side, with a picturesque view of the hill ranges on the left and the small valleys on the right. We saw a huge lake near Maranahalli, which we thought will keep for another day. We moved on to the minor ghat section and pulled over on the side of the road for a view of the valley, which was by now quite 'gorge'ous! This happened to be the 32nd milestone (rather kilometer stone, but I will be referring to it as milestone itself!) from Bangalore. Not so deep down the ravine is seen the river Arkavati, which happens to be a tributary of the Kaveri, not much water though. A few more kilometers, we reached a narrow single-laned bridge, crossing the dry river bed, which had an entrance to the TippagondanahaLLi dam.

View of the Dam:

View of the Dam

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The plans of my sister's family to visit Mysore for the long weekend during May day inspired all of us to go along. This was to be the third drive (already, in one month) to Mysore after I got my new car. Not to forget are those umpteen drives (almost 10 times) to Mysore last year in my good ol' Fiat Uno 1.7 (diesel). We left home at 06:00 on 29th (Saturday) and were able to escape the railway crossing on ORR before Tumkur road. Btw, I generally take the ORR from BEL circle, crossing Tumkur and Magadi roads, to reach Mysore road. Though it takes upto 5 Km more, its an enjoyable drive, especially in the morning. With pleasant breeze and the cool morning, I had the AC off, taking us easily by 07:30 to Amaravathi (5 Kms before Mandya). You must not miss this place for breakfast. The vadas he makes are truly out of the world. After a sumptuous breakfast, we carried on and reached Mysore by 08:45. We cleaned our house, which was locked for a long time now, and waited for my sister's family to arrive, who had started late from B'lore, visited the 'Kann Varadar' temple in Maddur and reached Mysore by lunch time. After lunch, some chit-chat, and a siesta, we decided to go to Chamundi hills for the night view of the city. Ok, these places are nothing new for we Mysoreans, keeping in mind that we trekked Chamundi every Sunday (almost) for nearly 3 years (before shifting to B'lore)! It was a refreshing drive uphill, and after the darshan at the temple, we stopped at the view point on the way back, and watched the city lights. Its really so beautiful! On a clear day, you can actually see the KRS reservoir at a distance. A pair of binoculars are an absolute must for people visiting this spot.

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Well, I know … the above route sounds kinda weird. Going to Kolar district in Karnataka and Krishnagiri in TN! But we did it … that's the true spirit of an 'alemaari' … read on to know more.

It was about to be just another sunday, before which we decided that we should make something meaningful out of the day. During those good old days of travelling to ITPL (Delphi – 2003-04), I remembered seeing a board pointing towards Chikka Tirupathi at the entrance of the KR Puram hanging bridge (it's not there anymore :-(). After some research about Kolar district with the help of my newly bought map of Karnataka, we finalised on going to Chikka Tirupathi.

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Green Valley

It was just a week since I got my new Indica DLE. With an inviting weekend ahead of me, I could not resist the temptation of going on a long drive. I decided that I ought to go the next day … but where … first some research! A little of google'ing led me to TeamBHP's forum on travel, and some travelogues of cycling expeditions by Manoj Kummini. Manchinabele Dam, Hesaraghatta Lake, Timmalapura Forest Camp, and Green Valley, were the shortlisted candidates. Kudos to those travelers who have put up such good logs on the web, enriched with photos. Ok … too much of time spent in front of the comp … good night!

During our morning stroll at BEL (Ayyappa) park, ayya, amma and myself decided the spot to be Green Valley. Got a filling of diesel for the car and returned home to prepare for the drive. Amma packed aloo parathas with cucumber slices (… slurp!). Our first stop was Manipal Motors, where I had to get the number plates fixed for the car. From there, we took Bellary road (NH7) bidding adieu to the city. For the uninformed, this road starts from Mekhri circle, cuts through the outer ring road at the Hebbal flyover, and passes through Sahakarnagar, before leaving the city limits. After Sahakarnagar, there is a recently built bypass road to NH7 that avoids passing through Yelahanka. We started by 12:15 and took the normal route taking us to Yelahanka police station circle, from where we turned left onto Doddaballapur Road. We stopped on the road-side to buy some oranges at the new town, which would soothe us in the sveltering heat. Traffic on Doddaballapur road is comparitively lesser than on NH7. On this road, you get to see the Wheel & Axle Plant, Goetze, Wrigley's factories, and not to forget, a huge campus of CRPF. I drove at a leisurely 50kmph as my car was still in the running period. After travelling 36km from Bangalore, we reached Doddaballapur.

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Why alemaari?

'Alemaari' in kannada symbolizes an eternal wanderer, who is an ardent devotee of the Goddess of Travel (Yatra Devi), whose wrath he dare not incur! This is the diary of such a nomad, who hates the urban jungle and loves nature.